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Addisons Disease in Dogs

Addison’s Disease in Dogs


Having dogs in your life is like an extra blessing in your life. They are protective, caring, loving, and super adorable. But what if your dog is suffering from some serious illness. Some dogs, unfortunately, suffer from Addison.

   Addison is a disease which is caused when the adrenal gland fails to produce the hormones needed in the body. If not treated well then it can also lead to death. This disease doesn’t allow the body to function well. Cortisol and aldosterone is a particular hormone produced by the adrenal gland. These hormones are very important for the body. Experts don’t know the actual reason causing Addison.

Some breeds of dogs which are highly at risk:

  • Standard poodle
  • Great Dane
  • Labrador
  • Bearded collies, etc.

   Other dogs can also get Addison but it’s mostly seen in females and young dogs.


   You have to be very careful about the symptoms. Your dog may give you some signs of illness. Signs like poor appetite, weight loss, loss of body control, inability to response towards stress etc. But if it takes over your dog’s body you may see severe signs of the illness.


  • Anorexia
  • Body shaking
  • Stool with blood
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Increased thrust
  • Dehydration.


   If your vet finds out that your dog is suffering from Addison, your vet will  immediately admit your dog and start treating it. There are many treatments available for dogs suffering with Addison. The first step that the vet will do is to resolve the crisis. When your dog will be out of danger, then your vet will give your dog medications. You may have to visit the vet’s office many times. As the doctor need to find the best medicines to balance the hormones and it may take a while. There would be daily or monthly steroid. Your dog will have to take these medicines for the rest of the life and is incurable. These medications will be changed time to time. The owners are warned to not change the medicines on their own, as this could risk the life of their dog. It takes time to find the right dosage for the dogs because it a case related to hormones. Hormones are very constant, they keep changing in their levels.


   There is not actual prevention of this disease. But you can be aware of it. You must be aware of the symptoms and have a little knowledge about it. Even if your dog is suffering from Addison you should be super careful. You must keep your dog away from the medicine. As well as take care of the dosage, as little overdose can lead to the imbalance in the hormones again. Following the instructions are given by your vet is the best way to treat your dog and keep him away from danger.

   Doing the best for your dog is your responsibility. Don’t let illness stop your dogs day to day activity. Let your dog enjoy and stay healthy, you just need to take care and keep loving your dog. Loving your dog is the best medicine.


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