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Cat Allergy Symptoms, Cat Allergy Relief and Cat Allergy Treatment

Cat Allergy Symptoms, Cat Allergy Relief and Cat Allergy Treatment

Getting cat allergies is very common allergy in humans. Infants are very easily allergic to cats as their immune system is weak. This allergic reaction happens due to one or more allergens produced by the cat. The most common allergens are glycoprotein which is expressed in the form of saliva. Those who suffer from serious cat allergies have to face many challenges due to lack of awareness.

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  1. Cat allergy symptoms

Cat allergic reaction can vary from mild to severe. It includes many symptoms, the most common symptoms are sneezing or running nose but as the allergy starts getting severe the symptoms start getting more prominent.  Symptoms of nasal congestion, chest pain, coughing, watery or itchy eyes, skin rashes or hives. Some people also suffer from asthma or hay fever. Those who are severely allergic to it may experience food allergy which needs medical care.

If a person is allergic to cats then even a touch or lick by the cat can easily result in the red or itchy skin.

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  1.  Cat allergy relief and prevention

The best way to prevent allergies is by giving your cat a shower every day or mostly on regular basis. Giving your cat a bath help to good about of allergens from the cat’s fur. Also, a regular brush of the fur will help to reduce the amount of fur loss. Giving your cat a good healthy diet filled with omega 3 fatty acids will keep the cat healthy. Washing the hand after touching or petting the cat, washing hand before touching the eyes, nose or mouth etc. Cleaning the bedroom and the sofa will help reduce the chances of allergy. Also cleaning the pillows, rugs regularly will help a lot with preventing allergies. Childers should be taken care that they wash their hands after petting the cats.

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  1. Cat allergy treatment

Cat allergic reaction can be treated mostly by medicines. Antihistamine and decongestant will provide relief. Allergy shots also help many of the people suffering from the allergy. It is a periodic injection provided to the person for building up the immune system for fighting against the allergy. There are vaccines also available for a long term relief from it. There are many home remedies available for people suffering from allergy. Saltwater or saline helps to rinse the nasal passages, it also helps in reducing conjunction.

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You can make salt water at home with 1 teaspoon of salt with 8 ounces of water. There are many other home remedies available like using coconut internally or externally or use of omega 3 fatty acids etc.

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So if you are a person who is allergic from cats the best way to prevent it is by cleaning the house regularly as well as taking the vaccines if required and if u feel the symptoms of a cat allergy then visit the doctor as soon as possible for quick relief.

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