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Get rid of Ear Mites in Cats and Home remedies for ear infections in Cats

Get rid of Ear Mites in Cats and Home remedies for ear infections in Cats

Cats having mites in their ears is very common. Being a cat owner you will notice your cat skating her head or scratching her ears and body. But you must beware when it is normal and when it needs help. If your cat has suddenly started scratching her ears too much, then it could be a sign of ear infection or mites in her ears.

   You can treat your cat by using some home remedies, which are safe and natural.

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   There could be many reasons for your cat suffering from ear mites. Cats which are contact with other cats or go outside more often are at high risk of getting them. Ear mites are tiny creatures which you can not see with your eyes. They will build a waxy substance in your cat’s ear. They will feed themselves on dead skin cells and drink your cat’s blood.

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   When your cat is suffering from these parasites it will show you some signs. Redness in the ears, scratching, build up of brown waxy like substance in and around the ear, pain while touching the ear, musty smell, shaking the head too much etc. If your cat is showing some these signs then you must take your cat to the vet immediately.

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   Applying garlic and olive oil mixture to your cat will help a lot. Garlic has antibacterial properties and has olive oil will give moisture. Will also allow the skin to heal faster. It will also kill the mites and relax your cat. Home remedies take time but is safe and effective. It is said that this olive oil and garlic mixture will take around 15 to 20 days to totally take all the mites out and heal the skin and ears.

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Applying hand sanitizer is a very simple but effective step. You can take some hand sanitizer hand rub it around the ears. It will dry the affected area and will also kill the mites. Applying honey is also a very safe option. Honey has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Directly applying honey to the ear will stop any larva eggs from developing and will heal the irritated skin.

   You may have heard this, applying Vaseline. Applying Vaseline is a great way to get rid of the mites. You can apply a thin layer of vaseline, which will take away the food source of the mites and will also provide moisture to the skin.

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   Your cat may be also suffering from some fungal or yeast infection. There are many reasons and causes of ear infection.

  • Fungal or yeast infections.
  • Diabetes
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Ticks and fleas. Etc.

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You can easily treat this by using some natural oils. Cats are sensitive to oils but some oils are safe for them like lavender, rose, hazel. Aloe Vera gel can also be used. Use these oils in very small quantity. Take a small quantity and massage it gently in and around the affected area. Massaging will help take all the dirt out slowly. Take a cotton swab and carefully clean the area. Don’t go deep in the ears, as you can damage the eardrums. You can also clean the ear with apple cider vinegar to maintain the chemical balance.

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In addition to all these steps make sure that you regularly check your cat’s ears and keep the bedding and house clean. Doing these small things can keep your cat healthy and safe.

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