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Treatment for Sprained Ankle (Cats)

Treatment for Sprained Ankle (Cats)

Cats love having fun. They enjoy jumping, running, climbing, leaping on objects. But because of all these activities, they have a high risk of getting themselves injured or getting a sprain. Cats suffering from arthritis have a higher risk of getting a sprain or even a serious injury. Sprains usually occur because of a sudden stretch in the ligament. A torn ligament can cause pain and swell around the ankle or knees.

A sprain is also a common cause of limping after an injury. A sprain usually occurs because of misjudging the height and then falling. When a cat is limping or not putting any weight on its ankle it could be a sign of ankle sprain.

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  1. Symptoms

A strained leg is swollen and warm to touch. Usually, cats refuse to be touched on the affected area or to put any weight on the affected limb. Mostly cats after getting a sprain cry or start meowing in pain. There could be some personnel changes as well, like getting irritated if touched or getting totally silent or growling when touched etc. Cats also try to express themselves like humans. A pet owner must be cautious about everything happening with the cat so that treatment can be done as soon as possible. There are different types of stages in a sprain.

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Stage 1:When a part of ligaments is torn and the cat has swelling and pain.

Stage 2:When the ligaments are partially torn and the cat is not able to use the limb. Swelling and pain are too much.

Stage 3:When the ligaments are completely torn and damaged and surgery is required.



If the swelling is less then the owner could use an ice pack on the ankle. According to experts using an ice pack for about 15 mins every hour for total 3 hours can help reduce the swelling and pain. But if the ice pack doesn’t show a great result you must visit the vet. If doctors find some sprain or a serious issue then they would start with the treatment. They usually diagnose it with an X-ray and few tests. As the treatment starts the cat might be restricted to move too much or to go outside. As the cat could fall in a fight and it can make things worst.

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Usually, cats recover within two weeks, but if there is no recovery as expected then there could be a chance of surgery. The treatment is also decided on the stage of injury. A stage three injury requires surgery but a stage two or one can be cured by medicine and treatments. The diet can also be prescribed by the vet for better recovery and faster results.


The owner must always take care of the cat and should also have regular checkups. If possible avoid sending the cat outside for a walk alone, as falling in a fight or misjudging a jump can cause serious injury.

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