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Dog Allergy Symptoms and Dog Allergy Treatments

Dog Allergy Symptoms and Dog Allergy Treatments


 Dogs can also suffer from allergies like us. Allergies could be caused because of many reasons. It could be food reaction, allergy from dust or skin infection etc. You must always be aware of what’s happening with your dog and your dog’s body. Dogs can inhale bacteria and viruses or can get in contact with germs which may cause skin infection.

Symptoms of dog allergy

As we humans show symptoms of allergy dogs also show signs of allergy. When the immune system reacts over foreign objects which has entered the body, you can see these signs. Sneezing, vomiting, itchy skin or eyes, itchy red eyes snoring because of infected throat etc. Your dog could so be suffering from yeast infection, bacterial infection etc. If you see some of these signs in your dog you must visit your vet. Sneezing cough could be because of cold. Diarrhea, vomiting, could be because of food allergy. Red eyes, itchy skin could be because of skin or yeast infections.

   Allergies in cats and dogs are very common. Specially for dogs who often go outside or are in contact with other dogs and animals. They have higher risk of having fleas or skin infections or could also injure their legs or body by getting into a fight. All dogs are at risk of allergies but some breeds like pugs, bulldogs, setters are at high risk. Before treatment, you must know to what things your dog could be allergic to. Your dog could be allergic to some food items, dust, feathers, rubber or plastics and the list goes on and on.

   Once, you know the reason behind your dogs infection you can start treating it. If your dog is suffering from some allergic reaction because of some food, you must stop giving those food items. For eg if your dog is allergic to meat, you must avoid giving things containing protein and fats. If your dog is suffering from some skin infection you can treat it by some quick home remedies, which are safe and helps the skin heal fast. If your dog is allergic to dust then the vet would provide some medication to control it. If your dog may be suffering from some other problems then the vet would give some medication.


   You can prevent things before they affect your dogs health. You can control some factors, if your dog is allergic to dust you can clean your dog’s bedding, vacuum your house daily and wash your sheets and curtain once a week. Keeping your house clean will also prevent fleas and mites. Giving a bath to your dog will also help in keeping him clean and free from pollen. You can also use specials shampoos for it. Finding solutions for small issue will help avoid big issues.

   Maybe these signs and symptoms lead to some illness in your dog. Always make sure that you go for regular checkups. Daily checkups are as important as noticing your dogs symptoms because some illness may show fewer symptoms.

   Love, care and right treatment will help your dog stay happy and healthy.

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