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Flea Treatment in Dogs and How to get rid of Fleas

Flea Treatment in Dogs and How to get rid of Fleas

Cats and dogs are usually affected by fleas. If your dog is infected by fleas, he will be itching his body all day long. But not all kinds of itching indicates that your dog has fleas. If a dog is scratching in the ear it may indicate ear mites. If a dog is itching some other parts of the body it could be skin infection or food allergy. You may usually see your dog itching his body but if it is more than usual then it could be a sign of fleas. Fleas keep jumping, they don’t have wings. If you see some very small dot-like creatures jumping or falling from your dog’s body then it may be healed. They almost the size of a grain, you can see them with your naked eyes. If u suspect that your dog has fleas, you can do a physical test. Try searching for fleas or for flea poop, they look like tiny crumble of dirt.

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How to treat your dog


   If your physical examination was positive and you found fleas or flea poop, then you must start the treatment as soon as possible. Take your dog to the vet or it by yourself. The vet may prescribe some medication for your dog. Chances are there is your dog is having fleas, then there could be a risk of tapeworms. The first thing you must do is to find the right medication for your dog. It is important to kill the fleas as well as the eggs. So try to find medicines that can cure the flea and also the larvae.
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After using the medicine on your dog, your dog can not take bath for three to four days. Washing the medicine too early will make no sense. The medicine needs proper time to work the magic. You can also use flea shampoos as well. But keep a note that flea shampoos can be drying for your dog’s skin. You need to be very careful with their skin while treating them.

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Treat your house


   If your dog has fleas, your house may also have them. With your dog, you will also have to treat your house. Vacuum is your best friend in this case. It will suck up all the fleas, eggs and their poo. Vacuum the whole house, wash all the bed sheets, pillow cases, curtains etc. Not once, but build a habit to wash them at least once a week.

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Also, clean your dog’s bedding and cage. Wash them with hot water and dry them. Your dog bedding may contain many eggs, so it a better way to totally get rid of them. You can also use medicines /chemicals to clean your house.

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   The best way to fight fleas is to keep your house and dog clean. Even after your dog and house are totally rid of those fleas, you must continue always keeping your house and dong clean, that’s the only way to prevent them. You can also use a flea comb every day to make sure your dog is free from fleas. As it’s said prevention is better than cure.

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