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Home Remedies for the Cough and How to Stop Cough (Dogs)

Home Remedies for the Cough and How to Stop Cough (Dogs)


Having a jumping and playful dog is fun, but if that dog is sick and unwell then you may start worrying. Dogs also get cold and cough and there are many home remedies to cure it. You may see your dog coughing or with a runny nose or eyes, nasal discharge or loss of appetite. These could be the signs of the cold. Dogs get cold because of many factors. Cold temperature, cigarette smoke, dust, bacteria or viruses. Dogs inhale bacteria which enter their respiratory tract, which leads to cold and infections. Getting in contact with other dogs also increase the risk of getting infected. Before starting any home remedies you must consult your vet about it.

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   After consulting your vet and if you discover it’s a normal mild cold you can use these home remedies.


   The best medicine for your dog is honey, it is filled with goodness. It has antibacterial properties which will help your dog to fight against the cold. It also has healing power and will also help to boost your dog’s immune system. A better immune system will help your dog fight better from the bacteria and viruses. But dogs suffering from diabetes are not recommended having honey because of the high sugar content. It will also help to clear the nasal discharge. Give one teaspoon of honey two times a day.


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   Giving your dog a hot steam will help open up your dog’s nasal cavities. It will also clear the extra phlegm from your dog’s throat. Take your dog to the bathroom and let the steam build up. Let your dog be inside for 15 to 20 mins and continuously supervise your dog. Do this every day till your dog gets better.


   You can also give your dog chicken soup. But not the chicken soup that we humans make for ourselves but a special chicken soup with low sodium which is totally safe for your dog. It will heal your dog faster and will also add a little flavor to your dog’s food.

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   Oregano also has antibacterial antiviral and antifungal properties. These properties help the body fight against germs. You can add two or three drops of oregano oil in your dog’s food daily. Be careful don’t put more than the recommended quantity, it can harm your dog’s health.


   Speaking of oils you can use coconut oil as well to treat your dog. The fatty acids in the oil help to kill the bacteria. It is used for a very long time for treating cold and cough. You can take one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of coconut oil and feed it to your dog daily.

   Using these home remedies you can easily treat your dog and make him feel better. You should also go to the vet for frequent checkups and see the improvement. Treat your dog right, and he will thank you back for all the love and care.

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