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Treatment for Sprained Ankle (Dogs)

Treatment for Sprained Ankle (Dogs)


Sprained ankle in dogs is very common. They keep jumping, running, keep their bodies constantly active, as a result, they may hurt themselves very easily. Sprains usually happen because of the starch between the ligaments. As the ligaments between the bones gets damage it causes pain and difficulty in walking. You may imagine the amount of stress your dog may put on his muscles and joints while running, jumping, playing, leaping, etc. If the sprain is minor you can treat it at home but if the injury is serious you must take your dog to the vet.

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Small signs

   Dogs usually don’t give a lot of signs like other animals. But being a dog owner you must notice the changes. See whether your dog is limping. Dogs with sprain or injured less try not to put pressure on the injured leg. They will keep their legs in a raised position. Dogs also constantly keep licking their wounds, so if your dog is constantly licking a particular area it could be a sign. If your dog is in a severe pain he may cry. You may also see some behavioral changes like your day may be less active, loss of appetite, sleeping all day, etc. If you see all these signs you must take you’d dog to the vet.

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   Your vet will physically examine your dog. If the results are positive you must make sure that you follow the instructions given by the vet. If the sprain is minor then the vet may just recommend few treatments that you can do on your own, but if the injury is very serious then he may give you particular instructions and medicines for your dog.

   Give your dog enough time to rest and heal. Allow him to sleep and rest for a good time. Take your dog out only for a very short and slow walk. Use an ice pack to reduce the swelling and it will also relax your dog. Apply the ice pack for 10 to 15 mins. Keep the ice in a towel so that there is no direct contact of the ice with the skin. But if your dogs sprain or injury is old or recurrent injury, then you must never apply ice on it. Instead, you must apply hot water bag. It will relax the muscle and will improve the blood flow and will also calm your dog. Don’t use too much of heat treatment as well. Now you must wait for the results.

   Wait for the signs of improvement in your dog. If there are no signs of improvement speak with your vet about it. The vet may again call your dog for a checkup and find of the reason. If there is a serious problem the vet may take quick actions. Most dogs show sign of improvement. You can also add few things to the diet so that your dog heals faster.

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By doing few things you can fix things. Giving your dog the right treatment at the right time is a must try not to deal because of work. Your pets are your responsibility, they always must be your priority. Love them take care of them, and they will do a lot in return for you.

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